The symbols associated with peace share an unfortunate origin that prevents their use by the authorities. The V of victory is of war origin, the dove is religious and the symbol of peace is linked to the hippie movement of the 60s.


For these reasons it’s necessary to design a new symbol that can be used without any regrets.


World Peace has no color, therefore peace is multicolored.


International Day of Peace

On September 12 the embassies and consulates of different countries will raise two flags, their national flag and a flag with the new world peace symbol to demonstrate in favor of this ideal concept of happiness and freedom.

The Embassy of Uruguay in Poland is the first embassy to support the initiative.

The project was presented within the framework of the National Action Plan of Open Government 2018-2020 organized by the National Plan of Education in Human Rights and has the support of the Human Rights Secretariat of the Uruguayan Presidency.

The activity was declared of cultural interest by the Uruguayan Ministry of Education & Culture.

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